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Belize lies on the East Coast of Central America, bordering with Mexico on the North, Guatemala on the South and West and the Caribbean Sea on the East. The capital of the country is Belmopan and total population of the country is about 300,000. Belize has a favourable business environment, with minimum regulatory restrictions. The professional infrastructure is reasonably good.
Double Tax Treaties: Belize has double taxation agreements with UK, Sweden, Denmark, CARICOM countries

Statutory Requirements

International Business Company (IBC)

Time to Incorporate

Within 24 48 hours max

Share Capital

No minimal capital requirement. Can be denominated in any foreign currency

Registered Office

Mandatory to be maintained in Belize. Statutory books & registers mandatory to be kept at registered agent but no filling required with the authority.


Minimum one- can be same person as shareholder. Individual or Corporation. No local requirement. Register of Directors must be maintained in Belize only.


Minimum one can be same person as director-no requirement to disclose beneficial owner. Individual or Corporation. No local requirement. Bearer shares permitted but required to keep share certificates in Belize at the registered office. Register of Members must be maintained in Belize only.


Optional. Individual or Corporation-no local requirement.


There is no requirement to file audited accounts with the authorities, however a company must keep financial records reflecting the financial position of a company


Company name must be accompanied by a suffix such as Limited, Corporation, Incorporation or their equivalent-eg: Ltd, Corp, Inc




The name of Belize IBC may be in any language, but in Latin alphabet.